The automatic placement machine “STINGRAY ®” is a machine that performs a hard application (Stellite ®), through the operation of TIG or PLASMA welding equipment on the teeth of the blades. The machine is built with a robust steel structure, which support the copper molds, the feed system of the band saw and the feed system the Stellite ®.
All settings are placed so that they are easy to adjust. The machine is equipped with touch-screen control for easy setting of the welding parameter and annealing. The annealing of each tooth is done automatically during the same cycle of welding. With this machine you can equip the Stellite ® with any type of tooth shape or pitch, even variable pitch

Automatic placement machine for hard surfacing materials STINGRAY

Technical details
blade width
30 - 360 mm
balde thickness
0,6 - 4 mm
Adjustable pitch
20 - 100 mm
Operating speed
3 - 6 tooth/min.
Welding material
Stellite rods. 3.2 mm Ø
Saw blade support
Central electric unclamping device for band saws up to 13 m
  • Plasma welding process
  • Fully automatic
  • The hardfacing material is melted in a copper mold to form a preformed tooth
  • Tempering with gas or inductive


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